DELAYS EXPECTED FOR DAM INSTALLATIONS – Please be advised of the following. Our staff may not enter the water due to safety concerns unless the flows are 400 CFS’s (cubic feet per second) or less. Currently the flow is approx. 740 CFS’s and fluctuating daily.

Any impounding of water can NOT occur prior to June 15th each year due to our permits with the Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Johnson’s Beach – Impounding will begin on schedule if flows are 400 CFS’s or below. No estimate available if flows are still high.

Vacation Beach – The County of Sonoma installs the summer crossing each year and works with us so we can have access. Currently, the access road to the dam on the Neeley side is impassable. The ground is too saturated to continue at this time. The County will re-assess next week and let us know when we might have access to the dam. Installation timeframes for this dam are currently unknown.

We understand the importance of these dams for our community and we will get them up as soon as it is safe to do so and we are able to have access.

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