Dear Community,

Due to the “shelter in place” order given by the County of Sonoma we are closing all facilities until further notice. We understand the strain and hardship this will have on families and community members, especially, when our movements will be limited to only “essential”

Recreation is a necessary component of well being and we will open all facilities as soon as possible. We deeply apologize for this disruption but want to lend our support to the safety of our community.

Stay safe!

The Russian River Recreation & Park District

Vacation Beach Playground

Photo of Girls enjoying Vacation Beach Dam playground, Guerneville California

The Vacation Beach Play equipment is currently not available for use. It needs to be replaced and our district is considering the feasibility for this project. There is no current timeline. Please visit our open and available play equipment at Bruno Farnocchia, JK Wright & Pacheco Parks all located in Guerneville.

Dams at Johnsons Beach & Vacation Beach

Dam installation Update – We have just received word from the County that both dams can be installed as scheduled. Please note this is an ever evolving situation and changes to this decision can be made without notice. We are on track to begin the installation process on June 1st with completion on June 15th give or take a week. Thank you for your patience. We will post any updates if there is unforeseen delays.